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This is a cute snuffle toy, designed to look like a snail.  Its creative design makes this snail-shaped dog snuffle toy a multifunctional toy. There is a built-in squeaker inside the body. 


10 minutes of  snuffing activity is equal to 1 hour of running. It not only stimulates their natural instincts for hunting, fetching and foraging, but also helps to provide body exercise, emotional improvement and mental health for your dog.


The snailhas velcro on the snail shell and the neck to join it together once rolled up. The snail can be rolle out to hide treats within the pockets, and  within in snail's shell so that your pooch can enjoy getting food by sniffing and physical exercise.

Snail snuffle Toy

SKU: 1011120
  • ‎14 x 7.5 x 22 cm

  • Machine washable and easy to maintain.

    If your dog is extremely aggressive chewer, we recommend supervised play and timely replacement of the broken ones.

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