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HEALTH & DIGESTION dog treats are hand baked and expertly blended so that even dogs with the most sensitive digestion can feel good inside and out. The delicious low calorie recipe includes chicory (a natural prebiotic that promotes the 'good bacteria' in the gut), parsley a traditional digestive aid and charcoal which can absorb the gasses that cause flatulence.


A complementary food for dogs. Suitable for all breeds and ages from 16 weeks old.



A lean, healthy protein source

Tasty lean-chicken is an excellent source of protein for dogs that provides them with lots of energy and naturally occurring L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that naturally occurs in animal protein sources to help to break down fats and maintain lean muscle mass.

Chicken also provides naturally occurring omega-6 which helps to maintain a healthy skin & coat to keep your dog looking their best.



Aids digestion

Curly leafed parsley provides a natural source of vitamin K, is high in fibre and can be used as a diuretic to help food move through the digestive tract more easily.

Parsley is also a source of chlorophyll which is a natural deodoriser, and the anti-microbial properties can help to freshen your dogs breath.



Helps to relieve flatulence and bloating

Charcoal is a supplement with many benefits. Due to it's negative electrical charge, it is able to attract and 'trap' positively charged toxins and gasses in the gut that may otherwise lead to bloating and flatulence.

Charcoal also promotes healthy kidney functions by filtering out undigested toxins as well as having the potential to reduce cholesterol.



Reduces the malodour associated with dog poo

Yucca root has the potential to reduce swelling and inflammation in dog's digestive tract. Being high in vitamins A, B, & C this dietary aid contains potassium, calcium and iron which make it soothing on the intestines and has been proven to reduce the malodour associated with dog poo.

Yucca also boasts high numbers of saponins and polyphenolics which are thought to help reduce joint inflammation.

Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Mini Bones

SKU: 1010902
  • Oat flour, rice flour, dried chicken (17.5%), chicken gravy, yeast extract, charcoal (1%), parsley (0.5%), vitamin e (0.33%), mixed herbs, chicory extract (0.1%), yucca extract (0.1%)

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