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FRESH BREATH dog treats are hand baked and expertly blended to help keep your dog's breath fresh so you can get closer and give big cuddles. The delicious, low calorie recipe includes peppermint oil which both aids the fresh breath smell & digestion, Parsley, a natural deodoriser and chicory a natural prebiotic, as bad breath can often be a result of poor digestion.

The biscuit’s abrasive action can also help to clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.


A complementary food for dogs. Suitable for all breeds and ages from 16 weeks old.



A lean, healthy protein source

Tasty lean-chicken is an excellent source of protein for dogs that provides them with lots of energy and naturally occurring L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that naturally occurs in animal protein sources to help to break down fats and maintain lean muscle mass.

Chicken also provides naturally occurring omega-6 which helps to maintain a healthy skin & coat to keep your dog looking their best.



Aids digestion

Curly leafed parsley provides a natural source of vitamin K, is high in fibre and can be used as a diuretic to help food move through the digestive tract more easily.

Parsley is also a source of chlorophyll which is a natural deodoriser, and the anti-microbial properties can help to freshen your dogs breath.



Proven to promote healthy digestion and soothe the stomach in case of inflammation which will stop stomach acid from reaching the mouth and causing bad breath

Peppermint oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent malodours associated with poor digestion. It is analgesic which means it can act as a natural painkiller and can help sooth an upset stomach.

Anecdotal evidence suggests Peppermint Oil can help relive symptoms of motion sickness in dogs.



A natural prebiotic that can help the proper functioning of the digestive system

Chicory Root is a rich source of the prebiotic ‘inulin’ and, in fact, about half of the fibre within chicory root is made up if this prebiotic. Inulin not only provides a source of food for the good bacteria in the lower gut but is also proven to improve digestion.

In fact, inulin has been shown to reduce the odour associated with faeces and to contribute to an animal feeling fuller for longer from their meal, thanks to the increased amount of dietary fibre it provides.

Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath Mini Bones

SKU: 1010901
  • Oat flour, rice flour, chicken gravy, dried chicken (7%), parsley, peppermint oil (0.4%), vitamin e (0.33%), chicory extract (0.1%), yucca extract (0.1%).

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