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8" Snuffle Ball, hand made by Dotti Dog Deli.


These fantastic snuffle balls are ideal for filling with yummy treats and giving to your dog for hours of entertaining fun. They are a great enrichment activity, encouraging natural foraging behaviour and helping to reduce stress and anxiety.


Did you know 30 minutes of snuffling by your dog provideds the same mental stimulation as a 60 minute walk!





Pink Snuffle Ball

SKU: 1011110
£16.99 Regular Price
£15.29Sale Price
    • Made from 100% Polar Fleece
    • Wash on a delicate wash at 30 degrees, adding minimal detergent and no softner
    • Air dry only
    • Always supervise your dog whilst using!
    • Once all treats are gone take away the snuffle ball until next time to prevent damage or your dog becoming board.
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