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What dog doesn’t love peanut butter! Paddock Farm Peanut Butter for Dogs is a delicious and safe treat for your pet, made from roasted peanuts and naturally packed with protein, healthy fats and beneficial nutrients, including fibre, folic acid and magnesium. It’s free from palm oil, xylitol, salt and added sugars - only the best for your pup! All natural ingredients without any unwanted nasties which mean that this Peanut Butter is deliciously smooth and runny.



  • Made from roasted peanuts & vegetable oil
  • Smooth & creamy
  • Natural source of protein, vitamins & healthy fats
  • Gluten free
  • Free from palm oil, xylitol, salt, added sugars and other unwanted nasties
  • Easy to spread over a toy, lick mat or boredom buster, including KONG toys or dog puzzles, keeping your dog entertained for hours. It’s also great for concealing tablets - dog’s just can’t resist the taste.


Suitable for: Dogs of all breeds and ages

Paddock Farm Peanut butter 340g

SKU: 1010915
  • 98.2% Peanuts, 1.8% Hydrogenated vegetable oil

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