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LickiMat Dog Slow Feeder Plate Slodog


Most slow feeders work by putting obstructions or maze-like structures to make it difficult for the dog to get to the food. The dog actually has to chase the food around the bowl in order to eat. This can be extremely frustrating to the dog and can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Slodog® is a unique approach to slow feeding or anti-gulping. By changing from a bowl to a plate, a much larger surface area becomes available to the feeding dog. All the food is in plain sight and does not have to be chased, this avoiding frustration.


A simple and elegant device that splits the meal into multi mini meals by spreading the measure into lots of small shallow pockets. The dog simply eats one mini meal at a time. If the dog tries to eat from two pockets at a time the food just falls from the dog’s open mouth.


Slodog® is a logical and simple invention. It is specially designed for a relaxed no-stress feed time. Our testing has shown that slodog® can slow the dog’s feeding down from a few seconds to many minutes!


  • Perfect for dry, wet and raw feeding
  • Ideal for flat-nose breeds, e.g. French Bulldogs and all bully breeds
  • Suitable for all food/liquids up to 2 cups/ 500ml

Green LickiMat Dog Slow Feeder Plate Slodog

SKU: 1011116
    • Made from non-toxic food grade plastic
    • Suitable for all dogs (supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew bowl)
    • Dishwasher
    • Freezer-safe
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