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This dental box offers a perfect selection of yummy treats to help keep your poochies teeth in good health and condition. 


26 individual natural treats are included in this box.


1 x Cut Trachea

1 x Cow Hoof

1 x Bulls Pizzle

2 x Cow Ears

3 x Duck feet

1 x Fish Cubes (50g)

10 x Lamb Muscle Meat

1 x Buffalo Ear

6 x Hairy Rabbit Ears


** Due to our products being natural, piece sizes may vary **

Dental Deli Box

SKU: 1010006
  • Cut Trachea: 100% Beef

    Cow Hoof: 100% Beef Hoof

    Bulls Pizzle: 100% Beef Pizzle

    Medium Cow Ears: 100% Beef

    Duck Feet: 100% Duck

    Fish Cubes (50g): 100% White Fish Skins

    Hairy Lamb Skin: 100% Lamb

    Buffalo Ear: 100% Buffalo

    Hairy rabbit Ears: 100% rabbit

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