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One of the toughest treats on the market,  Doggy Gobstoppers are a sturdy chew for most dogs. 

Coming from the knee of a cow, they will last longer than a jerky or softer treats. These nаturаl knee cap bones аrе ѕlоw roasted in their own juісеѕ tо bring оut thе dеlісіоuѕ, flаvоr, whilst satisfying your dogs instinctive need to chew.



  • Grain Free
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Long Lasting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low Fat
  • Made in Britain
  • Chicken Free


** Price is per item, due to our products being natural, piece sizes may vary **

Beef Knee 'Doggy Gobstoppers'

SKU: 1010321
  • 100% beef

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