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Why are natural treats better?

The thought of feeding natural treats can be a little off putting for some, but it shouldn't be. We thought we would point out some great benefits to feeding natural treats, plus we think your poochies would appreciate it!

Not only are natural treats a great way to supplement your poochies diet, they also smell and taste great too. They also offer a variety of health benefits.

1. Better digestion

Natural ingredients are more easily digestible, meaning the nutrients they ingest from eating natural treats are more easily absorbed by their body and more readily available to use. They can also aid in the reduction of inflammation and allergic reactions, and are gentler on the stomach.

2. Joint Care

Natural treats high in Omega 3, glucosamine and chondroitin support your poochies joints, helping to reduce inflammation and pain. Cut Trachea, Fish cubes and puffed chicken feet are just some of the treats with these great beefits.

3. Dental Hygiene

Four out of five dogs over three years old suffer with some form of dental issue - surprising I know! Chewing natural treats, especially those that last longer help to reduce plaque and tartar build up due to the abrasive action of the treat scraping against the teeth.

4. Health skin & coat

The healthy oils and fats found in natural treats can give your dog that shiny coat you have always dreamed of! Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin, coat and teeth is found in natural treats. Feeding over processed, high fat treats full of chemical and preservatives can affect your poochies skin and result in dry itchy skin, allergies, rashes, dull coat and excessive shedding.

5. Natural Dewormer

Natural treats with hair on , such as hairy rabbit ears, hairy cow ears, hairy lamb ears, hairy lamb skin etc are a great way of deworming your pooch. The hairy texture helps to remove any little nasties within the gut.

6. Natural calmer

Studies have shown that when a dog chews it is a natural way of calming themselves, by helping release endorphins in the brain making them feel happy. Natural treats are great for your pooch to chew one, and are generally longer lasting so can be a great way to bust boredom.

7. Stronger Immunity

Just like us, your pooch requires a nutritious balanced diet to remain healthy. Protein is very important in providing good immunity, not only the amount but the quality too. Natural treats are rich in good quality protein so are the ideal treat for your pooch.

8. Lower in calories

Mass produced dog treats tend to be higher in fats and fillers, meaning they are higher in calories. As natural treats are just meat, they are naturally lower in calories! As obesity is a growing problem in dogs it is good to know you are providing healthier yummy treats for your pooch helping to keep their weight down.

9.Rawhide Free!

All of our natural dog treats are rawhide free! Rawhide is bad for your pooch, it is full of chemicals and very difficult for them to digest. Natural treats are a great alternative and help keep your pooch healthy inside and out.

10. Happy dog is a healthy dog

Dogs love to smell new things and experience new textures and tastes, varying your poochies treats will help keep them mentally stimulated, resulting in one happy pooch!

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