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How to improve your dogs joint health.

We don't really give our joints a second thought until they become a problem, and then we would usually use some sort of joint support to help. The same is true with dogs, we don't really think about it until they are causing our dogs problems walking or they are showing pain when they go about their normally daily activities.

Taking action

Keeping a watchful eye on your dog is the best way to notice a change in their behaviour when walking, running, jumping around and playing. The first signs that will normally be obvious is difficulty in getting up from a lying down for a long period of time, or excessive licking of joint areas or limping when moving around.

There are many different causes of 'joint pain' and these can range from a strain or sprain after exercise or to more severe conditions such as osteo-athritis. Strain and sprains will normally go away after a few days of rest, if there is any concern, however, you should always seek advice from your vet, as your dog may need to be checked over.


This will normally be disgnosed by your vet and confirmed by x-rays. Normally this is mainly seen in older dogs, as it is something that appears over time due to joints experiencing wear and tear resulting in inflammation, pain and stiffness.

What Can help?

Supplementing your dogs diet with natural herbal medicines such as Dorwest Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets and Dorwest Green Relief, together, can really help relieve your dogs pain by reducing inflammation, making movement easier for them.

Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets

Black aged garlic and fenugreek are both packed full of powerful health-promoting compounds to help naturally support your pet in a variety of ways:

  • General health - high in antioxidants, to neutralise free radicals, helping to maintain general cell health, as well as compounds that are proven to help the body remain strong against disease, parasites and

  • infectious agents such as bacteria

  • Immunity - help to stimulate and develop a strong immune system

  • Skin - high in antioxidants, which are calming and help to maintain skin health, as well as compounds that assist the skin`s natural defences against infections and parasites

  • Joints - helps to maintain comfort and mobility

Dorwest Green Relief Tablets

With a powerful combination of specially selected whole green plants, Green Releaf® Tablets have natural soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties. They can help to maintain healthy skin, particularly when it is sensitive, and can also be used to help maintain healthy joints and kidneys and as an aid for normal urination - things that

owners of older dogs often worry about.

  • Skin – calms and soothes

  • Joints – helps to improve comfort and mobility

  • Normal urination – promotes mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH balance

Extra Support

Sometimes your dog may need that little bit extra support to help maintain their flexability. Particularly, where time and exercise have affected the cartilage in the joints and the synovial fluid that keeps them lubricated and able to perform their function well. This is where a effective joint support such as Dorwest MoveWellia can help.


MoveWellia® delivers powerful joint support to maintain comfort and mobility, containing:

Boswellia: Its primary active compounds are boswellic acids, which support natural anti-inflammatory pathways in the body, making it great for dogs that are prone to inflammatory joint conditions. MoveWellia® includes boswellia which contains 90% boswellic acids, for optimal effect.

Celery Seed: Containing active compounds that include polysaccharides and antioxidants, this power herb improves joint comfort by supporting good blood circulation to joints and connective tissue repair processes.

Glucosamine hydrochloride: Produced naturally in the body, this amino sugar cushions the joints to maintain comfort and mobility. Glucosamine production reduces as dogs age, resulting in weaker joint cartilage and increased risk of joint discomfort.

Chondroitin: As one of the essential building blocks of joint cartilage, chondroitin ensures the elasticity of cartilage, which is essential for joint shock absorption. Supplementation helps keep cartilage hydrated and supple, strengthening joint function.

Vitamin C: Increasingly recognised as an important component of natural anti-inflammatory pathways, Vitamin C also helps maintain the health of collagen – a key component of the joint support structures.

Zinc: Recognised as a key mineral deficiency in some inflammatory joint conditions, supplementation can help improve joint comfort.

Hyaluronic acid: A naturally occurring gel-like substance, hyaluronic acid is an important component of joint fluid, which lubricates the joint, promoting mobility.


You can still exercise your dog if they are experiencing joint stiffness due to arthritis. Exercise needs to be gentle and often to help keep their joints moving, as their joint supplements start to kick in, you will be able to increase their exercise as they become more confortable. Always be guided by your pets reaction and how they are feeling.

Let us help you support your dogs joint health

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